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Having too much time on my hands prompts me to review Big Eyes, Small Mouth, a table-top RPG that tries to emulate the feel of an anime. How does it fare?

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Stupid Kuroshitsuji Crack Vid

OKAY, TELLU, HERE IT IS, JUST LIKE YOU ASKED. MY FIRST EVER AMV, POSTED WHERE YOU CAN SEE IT. It's not the ferret song one, though- that one was being bitchy and troublesome. I will finish it later.

I have now stared at this so long that it has stopped being funny. It might actually be funny or it might not be; I don't know.

DC Barks

A poem I put together today at the Bolton writing workshop. Not really much else to say, except that I'm TOTALLY excited for Avenue Q this weekend.

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Some story stuff!

Hello... so I recently (as in just now) joined Runaway Tales, one of the current featured comms on lj. As part of my intro, I gave a break-down of the characters I intend to use and the world they inhabit. So look forward to some stories centering around these cool cats soon.

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